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Just Breathe

Hello! This LJ is semi-Flocked.

That means that once in a while I make friends-locked posts, but most of the time I don't. Feel free to friend me, and if your journal is to my liking, I might friend you back. The chances of my friending you back are greatly increased by you leaving a comment on this post, letting me know who you are and why you've friended me. I post rarely and haven't paid much attention to non-community posts on my flist for a while, now, so don't be offended if I've quickly unfriended you - that's just me keeping things tidy.

Follow me on tumblr @mizufae

Almost everything I do or am interested in, I post or talk about on my tumblr. Please follow me to see what I'm being nerdy about these days. If you're interested in my fanfic, there's a link in my sidebar to my AO3 and ff.net profiles. Feel free to contact me through any way you find easiest - almost everything goes straight into my primary email account and I'll see it right away.

In short, GO OVER HERE.