Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Oh Dreamwidth, you are a strange beast. I'm sure I'll get used to you... never. But if you get community importation up and running, then perhaps fandom can finally free itself from LJ once and for all? I know that people are going to IJ and DW and it's being kinda hinky all around, but really, fandom is a hobby like any other and I'm willing to drop a little cashmoney on it.

The thing is that I use LJ's Scrapbook for almost all of my image hosting needs. I need a replacement and I'm willing to pay money for it but nothing seems to actually have the functionality of scrapbook whatsoever. I'm at the point where I am seriously considering hosting my own server at home all the time. But for that I would then need to find custom gallery software????? I don't even freaking know, man.

I just want scrapbook, with maybe some updated, cleaner code, and not hosted on LJ. I will pay money for this. I need a place I can have ~5000 image files hosted. I need image galleries I can link to people that can be edited for ordering of images and hopefully a tagging system. I need a way to view fullsized images. I need hotlinking to be okay. And I need a way to leave some textual info alongside the images, like a description on the individual pictures in gallery view or a description of the gallery/folder itself.

I do not want a bunch of flash bullshit or drag&drop upload whatever or image editing software or auto resizing or anything like that. I want to give my money to someone for this. But who??? Where???

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