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what just happened.

so psmithery and i have been back on the Princeverse train, and we're about 3.5K through the next story, which is an interlude/conflict resolution sort of fic. We churned out a lot of good stuff last night and in a fit of madness I went and reread all of princeverse from the beginning. DAMN our writing has CHANGED. but the thing that just happened has thrown me for a loop.

I normally am the one to fight for a lot more character development and gen stuff and side plots. Psmithery is normally the "if it's not at least partially sexy I don't understand how to write this" camp. But over the past few days... somehow... we've shifted.

And I just had a two-page discussion with her where she was gunning for there to be more UST and and more general character stuff and I was like "but no! THEY NEED TO KISS NOW! Let's just timeskip!"

She's off to the shops now and I should be doing my $work (anybody on my flist watch Cardfight: Vanguard? I'm checking episode 37 in a minute) and clearly when she returns we will be able to come to an agreement on the matter but DEAR GOD, WHO AM I? WHO IS PSMITHERY? HOW I MINE FOR FISH?


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Sep. 22nd, 2011 02:49 am (UTC)
A-HA! The whiff of brain-swappery is in the air.

So, like, should I start e-mailing her with my random pop-culture references and wibbly-wobbly-my characters-refuse-to-STFU-issues so she can pat me on the head and say "Awww, endless, pointless conversations and cuddles are NICE," and then send YOU all the porn I started/intended to write for all your birthdays? ;-)

You know what, as much as I'd miss the unique yous, y'all could hive mind and I'd be okay with it if it means more P-verse.

Sep. 22nd, 2011 10:21 am (UTC)

In fact, after I wrote this post we ended up deciding that the way to go was to add an entire extra fic in. So we've got like 4.5k in this next one and the next one, which is the one I'm actually excited about, is the one with all the *good stuff* and aaaaaaaaaugh SO MUCH PVERSE.

We seem to be back on the wagon though - we didnt get together tonight but it's been like a 4/5 out of 7 days arrangement thus far, but smaller chunks each time. When this whole series is completed, it's going to be a MONSTER.
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