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So I've recently discovered that this glorious book I got last year for atheist children get presents day has a whole section on Pierrefonds. It's called Dream Palaces: The Last Courts of Royal Europe and it's just a great big pile of castle porn. I wish I had a larger format scanner, it's a quarto size codex and my scanner is only wee.

The Pierrefonds bit is lovely, it has the centerbind spread showing a panorama of snowy field with cute chubby horses and the castle all ivory dove in the distance, and loads of wintry shots, as well as some smaller versions of what I think are photos, before and after its reconstruction, and primarily a lot of gorgeous interior detail shots. There's a whole fireplace frieze that's scarlet and covered in golden bees! I LOVE HERALDIC BEES. And an awesome alligator? drainpipe, and lots of rich saturated painted ceiling details and vaulting and stuff.

Of course the rest of the book is just as gorgeous and architecture lavish interiors porny, but they're not also Camelot. But I am thinking I'm going to try to scan some of it for people who like to make graphics as I know I'd find many of these to come in handy, were I to take up graphic-izing again (it is only a matter of time and bitterness.) S'anyway, is there anybody interested in these do you think? Or should I keep it to myself and have the most best castle interior backgrounds for cheesy manips I may make in the future? I am contemplating hoarding them. Also I'm a bit concerned because aaack what if the photographer and publisher get on my ass if I hand them out??