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these are the really important things

small things about my life now that please me:

In Seattle around my birthday, fresh figs are in season, these regional varieties that are less sharp and more honey-crystal-sweet and grassy fresh than the mission black figs from cali. So ever since I moved here I've bought fresh figs around my birthday and I scoop them out with a spoon and eat them straight. Nomnomnom. I never had fresh figs really before in my life so this is a special PNW phase of my life thing for me.

Also, when we moved here we got a totally awesome deal on Fiestaware for our kitchen. We got four sets of dishes in crazy colors - this peacock blue, a tangerine orange, a lemongrass yellowy green, and a plum dark purple. They always pleased me because any given combination of mug + saucer or bowl + plate or whatever was always interesting and pretty. But a few months ago the same great deal on Fiestaware popped up again so we ditched our last remaining crappy chipped mismatched ikea things and got two more sets of dishes, a bright rich red and a sunny yellow. So now sometimes when I empty the dishwasher and put stuff back in the cabinets, my dishes stack themselves in rainbow order.