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Nobody expects the Scottish imposition

So last night in a fit of madness I decided to spend $10 on OnDemand and order a movie that was available before theater release; a movie I've wanted to see since I'd heard of its existence: Burke & Hare.

All-told it wasn't really that mad of me, I mean, I'd been planning on seeing it in theaters if I could and $10 is better than $20 for two tickets and of course I got to pee in the middle of it (hurrah!) and I could watch it again right. now. if I wanted to. And it was good! I mean how could it NOT be, it's got Simon Pegg being earnest yet evil and Andy Serkis being... *eyebrows at self* sexy and evil??? and cameos with foot-obsessed Tim Curry and was all about 1820s Edinburgh and MURDER and vulgar macabre body horror and all SORTS of good things, like a pungent UK comedy stew with eyeballs still in.

Andy Serkis being wrongly attractive was a surprise but then I did a wee google and turns out apparently David Tennant was originally cast in his role so I'm just assuming Serkis stepped into his shoes fully, and besides I think he was better for the part because otherwise he would have been much too sympathetic. What can I say? They both have the googly-eyed thing going on. I can totally see it. I was always one of those people who demanded Serkis should have won an oscar for Gollum so I have probably secretly been a fangirl for a decade and didn't realize.

So this wasn't supposed to turn into a tangent on my burgeoning sexual attraction to the King of Mocap. Here's what it was supposed to be about:

I fell asleep shortly after watching the film, which wasn't the plan; I'd been expecting to have no sleepiness at all and stay up reading piles of fanfic or something until dawn, but at 2am my body had other plans (yay!) and I passed out in an overheated fit of normalcy.

And apparently I had what felt like a 5 hour dream wherein I have NO idea what happened, but EVERYBODY WAS SCOTTISH. And all I remember about this dream was that everybody was dressed up in pseudo-victorian top hats and great coats and the like, yet it was definitely modern day with cell phones and trainers and sunglasses like a huge film set and everybody was speaking with Scottish accents and sometimes speaking what my brain supplied as being actual Scottish (it's an actual language, did you non-UK people on my flist know this? I did a project on it in my history of english class, my tongue couldn't really wrap around it but I remain oddly suited to the pronunciation of early middle english... SWA SWA BITCHES) and every time I found someone I could understand they started speaking Scottish-ier and Scottish-ier they were like "was tha madder wid ya i cannae unnastan ye" but it didn't have any of the, you know, chopping up of bodies and blood and dead people and organs and bones of stuff of the movie. AND IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

The end.


Aug. 18th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
OMG I JUST WATCHED THIS THE OTHER NIGHT. (It was like, practically required given my life and predilections - a 19th c.dissection/serial killer/Scottish comedy? With tops hats? And Tim Curry? And did I mention dissections? SIGN ME UP).

It wasn't as great as it could have been, so maybe you were better off with your dream (aside: YOUR DREAM. Can I please spend a night in your head some day?) but parts of it made me quite happy, and I'm with you on the Serkis thing - he needs to show his real face more often and get the love (also, random - I didn't know about the casting, and spent the whole movie going, "Every other single person is in this, so I'll bet Tennant pops in for a cameo as a corpse or something!").

Also, ELENA and EVIL KING ALINED were in it, playing quite to type, which was witchy.

And I now ship Burke and Hare's top hats. And Tim Curry/pickled feet. And I'm glad you got some sleep, even if it was beset by oddities.