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Well, how interesting that you should ask. Especially since I have no friends living in my city IRL (save my roomie/BFF who barely counts) except for one who I haven't talked to for MONTHS and like the two weeks surrounding my birthday she'll be out of town, and I have no plans and will be turning 27 pretty much alone and BORED OUT OF MY FRICKING SKULL.

You see. I sometimes drop prompts into KMM. And they are all usually rather... complex. And probably skew to the hardcore side, or the gen side, or sometimes both? IDEK. And apparently, since I have PRETTY MUCH ZERO SHAME LEFT, I'm gonna link them to you. And maybe, you know, you could read them, and possibly they might inspire you? Or not. I mean. That's cool too. But. Creativity is good? Yeah. Oh! And if anybody wants me to beta anything, I am DOWN. SO DOWN.

In roughly chronological order, with a few ommitted:

Growth of bodyparts/bodymod, slight mind-control/magical relaxation, hopefully toys? Primarily bottom!Arthur, though switching is great, too. Canon era, if at all possible.

So Merlin, being magical and sneaky, has been gradually molding Arthur's body into a superior form, one that fits Merlin's particular predilections. This could be through the use of that handy fic trope, massage oil, perhaps a salve that Gaius did not, actually, make, maybe just the passage of Merlin's hands as he dresses Arthur - as long as it's while Merlin is in Arthur's presence and it's so gradual that Arthur doesn't realize what's happening to him, at first. All he knows is that Merlin's hands are so incredibly relaxing.

The changes to his body first perplex Arthur a little - when did his ass get so, well, big and firm and plush, like that? Have his nipples always been so sensitive? There could be other changes. But Arthur, being not that dumb, figures out it's Merlin, and what he's been doing, and not only does he love it, but he wants to be molded more into the image of Merlin's ideal. Whether that's by the application of jewelry, the accommodation of sizable ye olde-style toys in his various orifices, whatever tweaks a writer's hotbuttons, as long as it's for Merlin's pleasure, it pleasures Arthur to change for him.

Super huge bonus points if you can keep Arthur otherwise the Head Prince In Charge, and sorry for this very long prompt!


Can be gen or slash, but the A/M bromance is paramount.

Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, and really I don't care how or why (unless this is relevant to your story), what I'm looking for is, after the angsting is over and they're back to BFFs, Arthur surprises Merlin by being incredibly, incessantly, annoyingly curious about his magic. How does it work? What are its limits? What has Merlin done with it? Can he see that ball of light again? What is happening when Merlin thinks a spell? Does he have to wave his hand about to control things? Why do his eyes glow? Can he conjure food (pfft no that's an exception to Gamp's Law, even Ron knows that!) Etc etc.

Arthur ends up teaching Merlin more about his magic than Gaius ever did, by virtue of not being afraid of it, and treating it like an extension of Merlin's self - like a sword or a bow or a lute.

Looking for a clever!Arthur, appreciated!Merlin, lots and lots of snarky banter, perhaps some beast-slaying quests? and an interesting, internally-consistent magic style.

(If you want to do sexytimes, I prefer bottom!Arthur, but this could just as easily be done with background pairings of any sort. Some post S3 with the new knights and Gwen would be lovely!)

RPF, Bradley/Colin Colin/Merlin

Wherein the following things are true:

1. Bradley James is an alias/life utilized by none other than the original (non-BBC) Merlin himself.
2. Merlin and Arthur were best of friends, closer than brothers, but not romantically involved.
3. After centuries of immortality, Merlin's got this glamour magic thing pretty well worked out, which explains how Bradley James is so incredibly, perfectly attractive.
4. He's also gotten bored, so why not have some silly adventures running about in armor and poking fun at his old BFF Arthur?
5. Colin Morgan is not sexually into Bradley James, but Merlin? You could say he's been into the idea of him since he hit puberty.
6. It's been quite some time since Merlin had an admirer for who he really is, half-mad wacky humor terrifying power and all.
7. In the end, nobody can decide if Bradley or Colin is the narcissistic one.
guys if someone can do this, and properly, with allusions to legend and properly portraying a CRAZY person and the half-madness that is acting, I will keel over and die with pleasure.

Arthur/Elena friendship epistolary!

It's been a while since Elena's been de-changeling'd. Arthur doesn't have many peers. I'd love to see a epistolary fic of their correspondence and a developing friendship. If you want to do off-letter romance you can have it be any pairing, really. Feel free to have Arthur ask Elena her opinion on Gwen-related matters, or Merlin-related, or not at all! Perhaps Elena can help convince her father to do something that helps Camelot, perhaps Arthur can kill a monster in Elena's kingdom at her behest, perhaps they can bitch about feasts to each other, or worry about Uther's health after Series 3. It would be amazing if Elena could stay sweet and kind of ditzy and determined. I'd just really like both of them to have a friend of equal peerage.

Gwaine/Other where other can be everyone or anyone.

Gwaine is a puppy who likes when his soft shiny hair is pet.

Feel free to go cracky or kinky or anywhere in between; serious graphic puppy play would be amazing, a transformation story would be great too.


Modern Celebrity Chef AU - Uther hates SAUCERY.

That's right, he has dedicated the last 20 years of his lauded culinary career eradicating the entrenched use of sauces in cooking. Any cook in any of his restaurant empire caught using sauces is fired immediately. So what happens when his son Arthur, head chef of Uther's flagship restaurant Camelot, starts eating at this little french bistro owned by Gaius, where the cook, Merlin, takes enormous pride in his sauces?

Sure, this could be crack. Or, it could be epic. Or epic crack? Roll with it.
I would kindly request that only someone 100% comfortable with writing thousands of words of food-porn take this on. It wouldn't be right otherwise.


Canon era, Balinor's ring.

Arthur wears Ygraine's ring, it seems to act like his signet of a sort. Balinor was a dragon lord, and at one point pledged fealty to Uther, or at least was some kind of noble. But he went into hiding, stripped himself of his trappings. Where did his affects go?

I'd love to read about Arthur finding out about Balinor, Merlin's relationship to him, and giving Merlin Balinor's ring, which he discovers has been in the Camelot coffers for decades.

This could be friendship all the way through heavy NC-17 stuff, whatever you prefer, magic reveal or just dragon lord reveal. It's mostly the parallels of rings that I'm after.


Merlin loves Star Wars. Arthur loves Star Trek. Lancelot prefers Doctor Who and refuses to take part in their endless arguments.

Nerd love, please!


Wherein Gwen is an adorable and internet-famous kittycat owned by never-seen-on-camera Arthur, a-la mugumogu and Maru.

Merlin loves cats! And he loves Gwen most of all, or at least he thinks he does until he meets Arthur and figures out who he is. Of course happy ending please where kitty!Gwen gets lots of love (and boxes!) and A/M cuddle ridiculous amounts. Bonus points for Merlin being totally obsessed with the rare glimpse of Gwen's person's hands in the video frame and being really detail-oriented about how clean their house always is, eventually realizing that they're local, etc. And of course, Arthur has to love Gwen tremendous amounts too.


Reincarnation-related body dysmorphia on Arthur's part, in-depth look into what makes Arthur who he is.
I'm looking for a take on reincarnation ModernAU wherein you get your usual richkid Arthur, lower middle class Merlin, but Arthur's actually a lazy useless slob, with perhaps high-minded ideals, maybe he only ever plays paladins in WoW, that sort of thing, but doesn't know what to do with himself or his life or his privileges. And he's fat, perhaps rather unattractive, never takes care of himself more than he has to, not a team player. Maybe he's even a woman? REALLY DIFFERENT, basically.

But then he remembers his life as King Arthur. Maybe it's through meeting Merlin, maybe he's been friends with him all along, maybe Merlin's the same person - immortal, presenting as young for Arthur's benefit, whatever the author thinks is best. But Arthur as he is in this life is SO DIFFERENT, he completely freaks out. He hates his own body, he wants to be who is was, he doesn't know how he can ever be as useful as he was when he was king, nobody respects him like they used to...

And Merlin helps him find his own way, to becoming who he wants to be, someone who makes a difference, and also helps this Arthur to find his own kind of beautiful along the way. And of course Arthur helps Merlin right back.

I love banter, dark and wry humor, H/C, a little adventure if you can pull it off, making Gwen be ~awesome~ in her own right, bottom!Arthur or switching, and thoughtfulness on the part of the writer.

A million golden internets to someone who can manage it.


genderbend & genderplay, canon Era please

Merlin is quite sure that he's straight. Arthur's never really stopped to think about it. Arthur gets turned into a woman for some reason or another - I'd love it if it were outside of the kingdom so he could have a chance to get used to it away from his father's gaze and such, and Arthur and Merlin end up becoming sexually involved. (Banter and funny chatter about sexuality and horniness and all that is a must!) Of course, all is solved and Arthur gets switched back to physically male. HOWEVER:

Arthur figured that his attraction to Merlin would go away once he went back to normal. Of course, it doesn't, but Merlin's no longer physically attracted to Arthur, and is very solid about his straightness. Cue Arthur trying to convince Merlin that sexuality is fluid, and playing Princess in his male body to attract him. This is up to the author but I'd love Arthur trying to make himself more feminine in private, in an attempt to seduce Merlin but also to explore what he likes sexually (because it's not been a priority before!), including stuff like shaving, jewelry, girly undergarments, powerplay, etc.

Happy ending please, because Merlin's rather open-minded in the end, and if you can keep Arthur publicly Head Prince In Charge and awesome I'd really appreciate it.

OKAY that's it. I realize that most of these are ABSURDLY long, complex prompts. Most of them are fics that I have ideas for but I know I could never pull off and really want to read. And a lot of the earlier ones I feel like I COULD pull off, now. But there's such a difference between writing a fic and reading it, you know? So anyway, I'm crazy! Now you know!

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