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Kooza nails

This whole week I've been painting my nails in an homage to Kooza and I've just been working and reworking them over and over again. They sort of became a mess but i LOOOOOOOVE them.

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More photos including a run-down of which ones are for which act/motif under LE CUT

(click to enbiggen)
Left hand:

Thumb - the Trickster, in what I call his "toothpaste fresh" outfit. To be honest, this nail is exactly what got me into playing around with "nail art" in the first place. Look, I posted about it on my tumblr, 7 months ago. So I've not had all the right colors or long enough nails until... now. I'll probably just paint all 10 nails like this soon enough. It doesn't go with any of my clothes but... idk. It feels... right. I painted it first and it's been on my thumb longer than any other nailpolish treatment thus far. Yeah, I normally scrape it off within a day, but this thumbnail has been like this for a week!

Pointer - a nod to my beloved Kooza keychain. All the metallic Kooza merch is in COPPER tones, which just shows you how sort of astral-plane-connected I am to this fricking show. Like taking something inside of me without my knowledge and putting it on display with a full budget, that's what it's like. ANYWAY. The K was fun to paint, I think I should practice my letters more! Then I can spell out, like, GANGSTAH on my nails. XD

Middle - the Trickster again, because I LOVE HIM and he has two costumes, dammit. (Well... three. ssshhhhhhh)

Ring - the hardest one to do, strangely enough, was the Innocent. Horizontal stripes are wicked hard, but curving them is apparently even harder? I couldn't have TWO Tricksters and no Innocent, though I should've put him on my right hand. Too hard to do with my left, though!

Pinky - because my pinky nails are SO TEENY TINY I had to keep them simple. This is a little reference to the beautiful hand drawn detail motifs all over the Kooza program guide and merch packaging and things, and the purple, which interestingly enough really never shows up in the actual show, but is EVERYWHERE on the merch.

Right hand:

Thumb - the Contortionists, who are SO COOL when you see them, and they have the most beautiful costumes. I had the pleasure of seeing them very up close and the big red jewels on their throats really stuck in my head. I built this nail up in countless layers, so the polish really bubbled. Oh well! There's maybe six different gold/bronze/copper colors (I love gold polish, I have a LOT) and two different sorts of glitters...

Pointer - for the King! He is one of my favorite clowns of ALL OF CIRQUE EVER.

Middle - the Vocalist, because I listen to the soundtrack, what, at least once a month? More? And I love her outfit, I'd wear it myself in a heartbeat. I tried to do the swirlies on the side but that was a failure. This nail is also for the crazy awesome ball balancing jumpy people because they utilize the same visual motif of the red-edged gold sash.

Ring - the Wheel of Death. I had a really hard time pulling out the motif I wanted to use for this one but those PANTS! Hahaha, they're these amazing sort of layered scale-like legging things that shake and move. I did black, with an overlay of silver, and then carved out the "scales" with a crisscross of black on top, and then painted the gold and red circle of the Wheel on top. It came out really messy but I like the idea of the silver overlay a LOT.

Pinky - Had to keep it simple again, and this one's for the Skeleton Dance! I love those crazy bitches.


Nobody ever EVER notices them. Obviously I don't go out much. But. Y'know. They make me happy. Now I've taken photos for posterity I'll be scraping them clean and might duplicate, maybe I'll do them ALL Trickster toothpaste, or start an entirely different ridiculous idea.
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