Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

okay, so i gave up on my complex photoshoppery idea and did something different instead. Princess Elena's Winter Solstice Wishlist (Age 8) Everyone go read it and go "what?"

I also have written and posted my kmm challenge thingy, although I waited a bit to announce this so that CRAZY PEOPLE wouldnt end up corresponding my announcement to it being posted on the meme and then figuring out which one i wrote and then... i dont know... continuing to not vote for me?? >_>

And I did all my voting days and days ago.

I don't like how writing for pthon keeps me from writing the other things I want to write. I have SO MANY TRACKED KMM PROMPTS. Argh. But I guess a couple of my pthon challenge entries have been okay... and I could eventually expand one or two into an actual fic I'd feel comfortable calling complete... so it's not a total wash. I just wish, IDK, that we got 3rd place winners. I feel like maybe I could net a 3rd place one of these times....

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