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Okay wankers, wtf

Guys. GUYS!

I am oblivious to wank in Merlin fandom. I don't follow the anon meme, hell, I don't even know what it's CALLED; I'd have to GOOGLE IT. I don't have many Merliny people on my flist. I don't pay wankers a single spot of attention. I came into the fandom at what was, apparently, a low-wank point, and I've made very good, close friends, of exclusively mellow awesome people, because I was a reluctant and extremely annoyed BNF in a previous fandom and I learned my lessons WELL.

So now today (and maybe in the past couple weeks it's been simmering, I can't really tell...) my flist explodes with people being FUCKING GODDAMN VAGUE about WANK and FEELINGS and related bullshit, and all those cool mellow wankless awesome people? MAYBE LESS WANKLESS THAN I THOUGHT? But I can't TELL because I DONT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. Somebody fucking FILL ME IN before I have to strap on my HAZMAT SUIT and dive into the anon meme, and somebody SKETCH THIS SHIT OUT FOR ME because I am relatively new to the fandom and don't know sordid ~history~ crappity do. I would like to comfort people in their time of need, because I am, in my never humble opinion, kind of awesome at macheteing through wankery, and not letting this crap get to me because I've been doing this shit in one way or another for something nearing two decades now, but I have NO IDEA whose toes I'm stepping or what to do or say.

Fuck, people, you've got to give me deets or I will have to go spelunking and I don't WANT TO because UGH. Primary sources, in fandom, are the WORST.

If you don't feel comfortable leaving me a comment on this F-LOCKED POST, then you can email me, it's just my lj username at gmail. I just want to make sure people are happy and having a good time - as it's psmithery's birthday rather soon I was going to try to arrange something for her pleaaasure, but if the fandom fucking self-destructs before the end of the month, how will that happen???

PS: fanks aerisa for your lovely lj-gift, you really didn't hafta but it's appreciated all the same. ^_^;


Jul. 13th, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
Look, people can have differences of opinion on lots of things. You don't bring the wank to your own LJ, why are you bringing it to mine? If you think I'm personally attacking you, I'm not. If you think you need me to personally apologize to you for an offhand reply I've left to somebody else on my own LJ, I'm not going to. If I held the same opinion about anon memes, and never voiced them, we'd be 100% cool, right? So just pretend, for your own piece of mind, that I didn't say anything to you, because I didn't. It wasn't about you and I don't want to make it about you.

I don't believe anything in particular about you, one way or another. You're my Merlin fandom friend and I'm perfectly happy only knowing part of you, as I'm sure you're happy knowing only part of me. You might have inflammatory thoughts on other aspects of my identity that I haven't shared with you, but frankly they shouldn't matter. This doesn't matter. Please don't goad me into directly insulting you for no real reason. Every word that I say on my own LJ is not a direct reflection on you, or your friends.

I'd like to stay friendly with you because you've never given me any other reason not to be, and I think you're a good writer and enjoy being on the same pthon team. If you need to NOT be, that's your choice.
Jul. 13th, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
I don't want an apology. I'm not bringing wank to your LJ. Not every non-friendly confrontation or disagreement is wank. I was attempting to discuss something that you said that offended me (AND not your opinion that you don't like anon memes, but rather your opinion of me - I made that pretty clear) and made me believe, given that it made you angry, that I am someone you'd rather not be around.

ETA: ended comment too quickly. And you've made it clear in this last comment that it's not an issue. So dead and buried from my side.

Edited at 2011-07-13 04:16 am (UTC)