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So because of pthon I've been going through all the BAZILLION KMM prompts I've got tracked and loads more that are just unfilled... Almost all the ones I want to see totally won't fit in 750 words, so that's unfortunate, and there's one particular prompt I keep DESPERATELY WANTING A FILL FOR and aaaaaaargh:


Arthur goes into battle not sure he's going to make it out alive. Merlin knows he will, but Arthur is truly anxious about it. Be it a large war, etc, I don't know, but for some reason he's not on the top of his gang. Before he leaves, he gives Merlin his ring-- Ygraine's ring.

He insists Merlin keep it with him, keep it safe, in case of his passing, so he knows it's going to go on to keep her memory safe. Merlin, the entire time, is like "nononono you don't understand you'll be fine you'll come back safe pleasedont icant ffffff iloveyousomuchcomebackinonepiecePRAT." And of course Merlin saves him in this battle.

Arthur comes back, bloodied and bruised, and when Merlin is tending to him Arthur notices him wearing the ring. Arthur falls fucking /hard/, if he hasn't already.

Which prompts the fervent, "n-no. you... you keep it." when Merlin tries to give it back.

I *think* I may have left one of the anon comments on the thread (the last one sounds like me) but I can't remember anymmore. REGARDLESS IT NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN. And by somebody skilled, please, for the love of god, with lots of visceral battle descriptions and Arthur having feeeeeelings, but none of this purple prose poetic bullshit; good honest proper writing sort of things, please please? I'm just OBSESSED with that RING. And it should be rather longish, like you'd have the pre-battle and the ring scene thing maybe with some establishing backstory/worldbuilding bits and then the battle, with an epic secret magic saving thing, the return, arthur's falling HARD (because I would like it to not be a pre-existing thing) and then a sort of methodic, intertwined with the reasons for the battle plotty sort of reveal with magic reveal and loooooove and thiiiiiiiiings and BANTER and DRAMZ and HUMOR and FEELINGS and SMEXINESS and aaaaargh.