Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

HOLY CRAPAMOLY. It's almost 11pm and I've FINALLY FINALLY finished my $work$ for the day. There were like a MILLION details that needed to be hashed out. And, DEAR WRITERS OF SKET DANCE: PLEASE TEACH YOUR CHARACTERS THE VALUE OF CONCISION BECAUSE GOOD CHRIST STFU EVERYBODY! *vents*

Uh, so anyway.

Now I have to get to work on the 12938691286294 things I need to do for pthon. I think first up will be the bonus challenge. Because it is fun. Then, voting, I think, because I am at a COMPLETE LOSS for what to write for the current challenge. I have one idea, except, and this is going to be the death of me, it's RPF. Yeah. Bradley and Colin, you seriously need to stop being in love because my tinhat is getting tighter and tighter and it's getting hot in here....

So anyway. Doom!

Maybe a 1st and last will spontaneously make itself known to me over the course of the night???

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