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From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 01:45:21: so should i track down the new episode of icarly? is it any good? cynical bastards: weigh in!
  • 04:32:52: gawker blogs redesign: I wanna invent time travel so I could kill the baby who grew up to do it. Or maybe just persuade them to study law.
  • 07:29:58: herpity derp... hey instead of digging through spam sites why not check the OFFICIAL SITE to watch icarly? afaflagd *engage shipper goggles*
  • 07:30:37: i am watching this show at 6:30 am after being sick all day - i should probably also be drunk! but no worries I have a plan:
  • 07:31:11: so all I have to do is watch this episode AS THOUGH IT WERE FANFIC. I can handle *anything* in a fic. Expectations: could you be lower? NO!
  • 07:59:50: verdict: MEH!
  • 19:08:23: dear chick on tumblr: i like you really but STOP PUTTING RELIGIOUS CRAP ABOUT PRAYER ALL UP ON MY DASH. it's a PLACEBO, not a SOLUTION.
  • 19:12:51: stupid flippin religion you can't be belligerent about it, it just ENCOURAGES passive aggressiveness. lfhgaslvbaslasiuyhbcuglfhbe
  • 21:46:23: @diplobrat do you still have my copy of Sims 3??

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