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From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 13:47:41: oh my fucking jesus christ, ouran high school host club is on netflix instant. THERE GOES MY LIFE FOR A WEEK~
  • 13:58:09: aaaaaaw shit. It's the dub. GODDAMN. People. people. OHSHC has some of the finest japanese VA work in the silly romcom genre... ever. HDU.
  • 14:00:39: well. at least my week isn't disappeared in a shoujo haze anymore... *pout*
  • 14:03:19: Dear Obnoxious Harmonica Guy Outside The Fremont PCC: GO AWAY. I live 10 yards above you. Sorely tempted to dump boiling oil on your head!
  • 14:04:00: @aergonaut but they have other foreign movies that are subtitled that stream. & their FAQ mentions a possible 2010 update? OOPS.

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