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From Twitter 02-02-2011

  • 01:28:27: i hit my elbow and it hurts and i have a headache and i'm sad and OKCupid guys are stupid and i wanna complain so i'm tweeting about it.
  • 02:56:21: owchy :((((
  • 11:26:10: @twiggymcbones holy shit what can we have a mindmeld or something *my* dream was about locking windows from intruders & creepos not PUPPIES
  • 12:53:11: can't take more than an hour of this Tahrir Square stuff this morning. WHY would anyone DO this??!?! so many better ways to be superior...
  • 13:29:12: @diplobrat hah yes okay name the day. Ramen & FREEEDOOMMM
  • 21:36:09: i refuse to get into an argument about pacifism vs self defense 2500 comments down in a metafilter thread!

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