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From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 02:58:29: this egypt thing is so nerve-wracking right now...
  • 06:17:47: sleeping? how can you sleep? I'm glued to the Al Jazeera English livestream...
  • 07:03:58: holy shit Alexandria
  • 07:38:32: Suez is freaking me out - they need leaders and a focus, something to channel the energy...
  • 09:26:48: NDP HQ up in complete blazes... i *wanted* to sleep, okay? Egypt, you couldn't have done this *earlier*??
  • 09:53:26: please oh please don't let the museum of antiquities catch on fire...
  • 09:59:49: And, totally related, I now have a big ol' crush on Ayman Mohyeldin. The more I crush on him the more he'll be safe, RIGHT?
  • 10:03:15: @diplobrat I'm camping out in the Metafilter thread and GLUED to the AJ-English live feed... I want to eat & sleep, but... HNNNG
  • 10:45:27: @diplobrat NONSENSE.
  • 18:25:51: idiot hypereligious celeb that I follow: you're cute, but that's one too many offensively obtuse statement. gtfo the internet.
  • 22:10:37: @twiggymcbones ooorrrr I could write a well-composed email requesting xfinity put al jazeera on my cable package?

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