Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 01-21-2011

  • 07:34:42: *does the dance of the dehydrated* (this consists of wild flailing as I slowly turn in on myself & become a prune)
  • 08:51:17: @jamiewatson right? I just composed an elaborate post and it WON'T LET ME POST IT AAAAARGH
  • 09:49:50: stabbystabbystabby
  • 11:40:29: @diplobrat Today we're off to the DMV! ~oh boy~ Doin' things might be nice!
  • 11:42:11: @diplobrat dont suppose i could get you to see The King's Speech instead of True Grit tho? Fiiiiiiirth~
  • 11:42:18: FIRTH.
  • 12:48:01: @diplobrat blech, cowboys. BOR. ING. (I know I am alone in this & will go see it anyway, I would just like to say once more, FIRTH.)
  • 12:50:11: @diplobrat wait so turns out Ian hates cowboys too. HAHA BFF HIGH FIVES. Anyway... happy hour? where/when?
  • 14:09:04: I am tweeting from an iPhone omg so fancy too bad its not mine
  • 19:38:28: the problem with waking up at 6am is that at 6:30pm i'm TIRED.

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