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From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 02:43:48: @twiggymcbones SRSLY? jesse eisenberg? ew. you might as well marry my brother. honestly if you want the hookup I gots cousins...
  • 13:59:58: @ashleyjanne well you're WRONG. you're welcome!
  • 14:07:09: @twiggymcbones wait which tall lanky cousin of mine? The blondish one Jonathan? He's got the HOTTEST, NICEST GF, sorry.
  • 14:08:05: @twiggymcbones but the cousin who looks like boy!me, lapsed rockstar marc, I think he's single? XD
  • 14:18:05: I have just learned the term quiltbag! (apparently = lgbtq etc) CUTE! using it for always~
  • 17:04:01: still angry from last night! what the hell. need to punch faces. hormones? prolly.
  • 23:28:50: is it super 90s to wear blue nail polish? do I care?
  • 23:32:12: power outtage scheduled in half an hour~ i bought candles. being nocturnal has never been so boring.

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