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From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 03:22:53: ok, if you're trying to stay awake through the night to stop your nocturnal ways, WHEN do you brush your teeth?? A lifelong question for me.
  • 20:11:19: IS IT SECRET? IS IT SAFE? *watching lotr*
  • 20:18:42: d'awww Sam & Frodo's bromance is SO CUTE~ bestest friends foreeeeever
  • 20:25:10: okok i'll stop livebloggin. IT'S ONLY A COUPLA CARROTS~
  • 20:46:01: I *may* be chair-dancing like I'm a legless extra in the Breakfast Club to New Wave atm. mmm, delicious drum synths...
  • 21:35:11: And you think that killing people will make them like you, but it doesn't! It just... it just makes them dead.
  • 23:01:28: WHY ISN'T MY MUSIC ON MY LAPTOP ANYMORE this is such a tragedy itunes why arent you hosted OFF-SITE aaargh
  • 23:01:52: shoulda used the #firstworldproblems hash there

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