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lol I have a Merlin icon now. Saints preserve us.

HEY ELJAY! You suck. Tumblr is awesome. Except, Tumblr goes offline constantly. Remember when you used to do that, eljay? Back when I whined SO MUCH that someone with $20 in an atrophied paypal account bought me a paid LJ account just to SHUT ME UP? The thing of it is, tumblr has stuff you can throw actual money at, too. I could go give them moolah through purchasing a tumblr style, or whatever. Except that I don't actually look at my own tumblr that often. I would give them cash for a highly customizable dash, AND I'd give them cash for fixing their issue with animated gifs, for the lovagod, and I'd give them cash for keeping follower/following histories so I could see who I used to follow, who used to follow me, etc, without detailed manual comparisons. But sadly, none of those are things that I can buy. And besides, ElJay, you're host to nearly 2/3rds of the super mega awesome foxy hot Merlin fandom. So... you don't suck that much. Hug it out? No? Okay then.