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From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 00:36:05: aaaaaw, the doctor who yule log extravaganza was so cute!
  • 00:36:31: @twiggymcbones what what what WHAT IS HAPPENING
  • 04:50:27: Photo: Look at what I embroidered! It’s a SQUIRREL! :D I’m most pleased. (Those are my initials on the... http://tumblr.com/xpa15j72gd
  • 05:31:32: @lazycheskie why? describe its merits! Are there hot guys in it?
  • 05:48:05: @lazycheskie but... cheesy dance sequences and hot guys are WHY i watch bollywood movies! :O
  • 05:48:51: I just discovered that some etsy person i left a neutral review on threw a hissy fit at me for saying their daffodil perfume was too sweet
  • 05:49:24: Like, dude, I'm just trying to help other people buy the stuff they want. Perfume is HARD to describe online!
  • 07:50:45: @diplobrat it was an adventure i'm sure. PS I'm never flying w/ you, you have the WORST AIRPORT MOJO EVER.
  • 08:54:40: dear celebs: don't RT crap trite meaningless religious nonsense. If you must RT religious nonsense, at least have it *mean* something.
  • 08:55:47: Tea is my lord, anyway. Tea loves me and will never leave a single pair of footprints in the sand.
  • 09:14:28: @diplobrat you will have to tell me all about your hurrying up and waiting! Can we do something tomorrow? Movie? Foods?
  • 09:25:32: @diplobrat oh mah gaaaaaaaahd nevermind then. jeebus. Well then. See you next year.
  • 10:55:04: Photo: paramaline: *flails arms wildly* omgomg you EXPANDED IT?!?!?! Look at all the secret awesome STUFF in... http://tumblr.com/xpa15l0jt5
  • 10:56:37: @aergonaut whatre you loling at me about?
  • 19:10:58: oh god i made my first metatalk post ever i'm so nervous oh god OH GOD
  • 19:27:33: aaaaaaaand my MeTa request was SHOT DOWN in an inexplicable fashion. BOOOOOO

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