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From Twitter 12-21-2010

  • 00:01:00: @diplobrat yes! but it is highly janky. kinda like an oldschool B&W mobile phone, but w/ a huge screen? Weirdness. Good for metafilter tho
  • 00:16:40: @diplobrat btw I called my parents today and they say you should come visit them! XD
  • 03:28:40: I’m naming my Kindle Lucina. Because, see, books are made out of paper which is compressed trees which are... http://tumblr.com/xpa13pdiq9
  • 03:42:57: John Allison HOW SO CUTE? I pretty much always want to marry you. If you weren't real, we'd be astrally hitched.
  • 04:27:58: ]]>aergonaut replied to your post: I’m naming my Kindle Lucina. Derived from Latin… › I can’t believe you... http://tumblr.com/xpa13pleo2
  • 05:29:26: Photo: hahahhaaha these are solid gold howcome all you Trekkies haven’t spammed them at me yet?? http://tumblr.com/xpa13pu744
  • 07:36:21: I grew out my nails for TEN WHOLE DAYS till tonight, hen I snapped and bit them ALL OFF and it FELT SO SATISFYING OMG
  • 08:13:22: new profile image ohmahgaw who AM i?
  • 09:30:39: 500 words into food-centric Merlin fic. this is NOT what I intended to do this morning, okay??
  • 09:30:45: RT @aergonaut: Just had totally rad Batman dream. I was Batman. It was awesome. #fb

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