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From Twitter 12-05-2010

  • 00:24:07: hey remember when Wilson had a GF and House was super suspicious and then he figured out SHE WAS JUST LIKE HIM & then they killed her? Yeah.
  • 00:24:28: @twiggymcbones it was an awesome chrismukkah present THANKS BABE~
  • 00:51:07: Photo: snaakks: just leavin’ this here… http://tumblr.com/xpaytb5jv
  • 04:55:20: fyeahjason: At first I was like “I like this show because I like Arthurian legend and Hercules: the Legendary... http://tumblr.com/xpayu50uu
  • 07:48:26: Dear Merlin Fic Writers, You are almost entirely WAY too awesome to be contained in a single fandom. I love... http://tumblr.com/xpayur5ru
  • 19:49:51: fuuuuck tumblr, I feel so incomplete when I can't check you!
  • 19:55:57: been absorbing way too much british & indian stuff - we got thai food tonight & I caught myself thinking "coriander" in my head.
  • 21:25:21: @diplobrat Ian is celebrating being old by playing videogames and forcing me to eat thai food. Really I don't know he wants to do anything?
  • 21:26:01: @diplobrat He's very self-conscious about being old, actually. It's... kinda lame, but I let him be about it on his b-day. :/
  • 21:27:08: @aergonaut in AMERKUH, coriander is the dried seed of cilantro, but in Ye Olde Britain, coriander is the leaves & stems too.

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