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Dec. 6th, 2010

Tumblr has been down all afternoon and night. I... I straight up don't know what to DO with myself. Like, at least 1/3rd of my routine is GONE.

Hello, LJ. LJ is the old tumblr is the new tumblr!

Ummmm... Okay actually I have nothing to post about. Today was Ian's birthday and it was incredibly boring, not that I'm complaining. The cat likes to eat buttons. I am not entirely sure that it's physically possible for my kitchen to be clean for more than five minutes, between when I've cleaned up from the other day's cooking and started to cook whatever it is today. I can FINALLY get back to working on stuff for my brother's translations, thank god. I'm thinking about teaching myself French still, although that will never happen. My parents are in New York I think? I have to make about 2487634619 different presents in the next week.