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From Twitter 11-26-2010

  • 00:19:09: sometimes I forget how american the internet is - like seriously, Christmas is a more interesting day on the... http://tumblr.com/xparxjgba
  • 01:30:53: Photo: I wish they would remake Power Puff Girls instead of Buffy! Of course, if they did it without... http://tumblr.com/xparxs6sa
  • 02:55:20: if this flick has one more neru collar, fully buttoned vest & high-waist jeans combo, I'm calling it too 90s even for ME.
  • 04:54:06: oh my god this movie is insufferably long. 3hrs for a bollywood flick is not unusual but dear god, it's as though pacing doesn't exist here.
  • 04:55:09: gotta stop saying flick, by the way. now movies don't flicker, they lag. Can we call movies lags? Or maybe "arts" after artifacts?
  • 05:12:17: you can't throw a twist like the dad coming to visit and mistaking the wrong old people for the parents of the girl in the last 20 minutes!!
  • 05:18:35: AND an old people love at first sight subplot? WHERE was all this action in the first 2 hours of the movie??
  • 05:48:49: five minutes left and there's THUGS WITH STICKS?? It's like a 12 yr old boy wrote this script. And THEN, they went to the MOON, in CARS...
  • 05:55:51: weirdest. movie. ever.
  • 07:47:56: god, what happened to me? I used to be such a good writer... where did all my juice go???
  • 15:56:06: i know i shouldnt but my urge to go buy a very expensive sandwich is so strong! hnnng
  • 17:11:18: Video: lazycheskie: http://tumblr.com/xpas1nu6q
  • 17:12:42: update: yep. got that sandwich. and it was gooooooood~ bacon avocado hummus sprout cucumber tomato cheddar honeymustard HOMEGROWN BITCHES
  • 17:44:37: monty python on IFC! hnnnnng john cleese i would time travel to get in your pants, continuum be damned.
  • 18:19:16: oh hey! I'm an organ donor! thank goodness, for some reason I thought I'd gone momentarily insane years ago when I got my license.
  • 18:20:23: just thinking about how glad I am I had no reason to be on the street over turkeyday what with all the death etc. & what would have happened
  • 18:56:01: @aergonaut you're such a fop! good god!
  • 19:12:57: must cease my overuse of the word "languid"!
  • 20:54:45: Photo: › Are you scared? I reblog this because 1. omg Tom your wee little face! but mostly 2. OMG YOUR DRACO... http://tumblr.com/xpas2ybz9
  • 21:06:56: 1 strike against Homegrown though: they spelled both potato & tomato with extraneous E's on the end. >:(
  • 22:01:16: Photo: Oh Elena. Loved her! Didn’t like how perfect she was after the sidhe left her, though - I hope she... http://tumblr.com/xpas3cryy
  • 22:07:14: @aergonaut If I was rich I'd take you on shipping sprees I swear. Then maybe you would love me! *weeps*
  • 22:09:22: @aergonaut ;D my work here is done
  • 22:09:47: hahaha, awesome unintentional shipping/shopping typo GO ME
  • 22:35:49: rad-socks started following you Live long and prosper, random person! I hope you like RAMBLES! http://tumblr.com/xpas3jypr
  • 23:16:32: Photo: sharonalee: Gooooooorgeous http://tumblr.com/xpas3rvgp

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