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From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 02:27:46: it wouldn't matter that my cat snores, if she didn't snore right next to my face!
  • 03:49:46: @aergonaut it's totally your age & income bracket. Just channel Joseph Gordon Levitt in 500 Days of Summer! DO IT
  • 03:50:24: Advice Times: for the sake of your own sanity and sense of self worth, NEVER read the FF.net profiles of people who favorite your fic.
  • 04:00:12: also don't go to the actual ff.net cuz that be crazy japanese pornish nonsense, y'alls
  • 16:41:10: Ian is gone. TIME TO SIT ON HIS STUFF WHILE NAKED.
  • 17:23:51: Photo: paramaline: http://tumblr.com/xparihjyr
  • 18:48:19: oh mah gawd people in Seattle must love snow & ice because it CULLS THE IDIOTS. So many abandoned cars~
  • 18:49:00: Grocery shopping: completed! Menu for the next 3 days: EPIC TACOS, Thanksgiving minus turkey!
  • 18:50:15: Roasted maple pumpkin, minted peas, orange honey cranberry sauce, mashed taters, baked yam, eeeggggs~
  • 19:13:38: Ian hasn't been gone 24 hours yet and the cat is already LOSING HER SHIT.
  • 19:33:40: Video: aergonaut: hnnng I wish it could do stuff like control lights and make you tea though, too. Some day!... http://tumblr.com/xparj9n7t
  • 19:59:18: SECRET: when I'm home alone I do two things: 1. pee w/ the door open so the cat doesn't eat my door & 2. SING OUT LOUD while cleaning.
  • 19:59:25: i am the most boringest.
  • 20:00:25: Audio: illegallyinsane: oh. balls. http://tumblr.com/xparjfl5h
  • 20:24:09: ...homemade tabouli makes the SCARIEST FRIDGE MOLD EVER.
  • 20:24:54: PS: yes you can expect me to tweet incessantly till Ian comes home. If I didn't live w/ him I'd be like this ALL THE TIME. I LIKE TO SHARE
  • 21:26:07: Video: Symphony of Science - Wave of Reason LOVE this stuff. http://tumblr.com/xparjxm52
  • 23:15:18: @iArchilochus erm... I'm glad I suppose? I... worry for your sanity though.
  • 23:46:26: giving into temptation: Do I play Kingdom Hearts 1 (& suffer through unskippable cutscenes) or go straight to KHII? (& miss stuff)
  • 23:57:51: Photo: drmccoybemyboytoy: Kirk is the Huffliest Hufflepuff to ever Huff a Puff. He loves his friends and he... http://tumblr.com/xparkn6cr

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