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From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 04:23:15: Concision is NOT my strong suit. I don't know why I'm even on twitter, goddamn.
  • 05:34:15: Further turn of phrase that should be ABOLISHED from ALL WRITING EVER: "like a moth to a flame"
  • 06:58:40: reading a fic that's over 140 THOUSAND words is probably a bad idea, right?
  • 07:07:30: Also although I know this stuff is written by real british teens & 20somethings I refuse to believe that's how they actually talk.
  • 07:08:25: also so apropo that princess diaries is trending! *continues to be enigmatic for the good of the people*
  • 08:09:45: all uses of cliches and forbidden terms are FORGIVEN because this fic just used the phrase "inchoate dread" and it was AWESOME.
  • 09:08:15: The Drunk Giraffe. - arthurweasley:extremelyverynotgood: › this is the most beautiful post ever http://tumblr.com/xpaq5rk1w
  • 19:14:14: The Student Prince - Really really really really good and really long and very funny fic. Merlin/Arthur... http://tumblr.com/xpaq8n47k
  • 20:03:49: BACON SARNIES~!!!!!
  • 20:59:39: apparently I'm so anglo-tastic I didn't realize sarnie was an english thing until just now. my vernacular is SO SKEWED.
  • 22:02:14: Photo: cmdrriker: I still want to marry that dude. John A, not Riker. Troi would kill me. Anyway. My crush on... http://tumblr.com/xpaq9mik3

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