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From Twitter 11-12-2010

  • 00:34:18: Photo: paramaline: MY FRIEND CHESKA TAUGHT ME THE WORD GHEEGLE AND IT IS AWESOME. But also, there is TOTALLY... http://tumblr.com/xpapn7x3b
  • 03:17:46: tonight was @wilw themed. 1st BBT (oh raj) & then rerun of TNG where Wes kills a teammate cuz of pre-Paris' charisma & Picard yells TRUTH!
  • 03:25:10: OH MY GOD LJ IS GONNA GO DOWN AT 4AM HOW AM I GONNA FIND FANFIC?!?!?!?!? *drinks self to sleep*
  • 05:57:01: oh. 4pm, not 4am. I suppose that makes sense for work hours? aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. I can read I swear.
  • 07:36:51: tsk tsk mixing metaphors! you can't be weighed down by a pit of fear! think before you publish!
  • 07:44:32: Photo: youreapieceoftardis:moxiemo:siriuslyaud:wizasaur:siriuslyaud:moxiemo: two great tastes that taste... http://tumblr.com/xpapoe0yr
  • 21:54:39: Grandma is out of surgery and doin' okay! *phew*
  • 23:13:39: it seems that i like myself enough to allow me to eat crackers in bed.

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