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From Twitter 11-11-2010

  • 00:10:35: Photo: harryfuckingpotter: creepy, dude! Anyway, pish posh, such lies. You, DanRad, are the nicest, smiliest... http://tumblr.com/xpaphi7kg
  • 01:28:43: @diplobrat I'm not obsessed with something on Glee, I'm just into Darren Criss again and that's PERFECTLY HEALTHY.
  • 01:30:25: @diplobrat er, but yeah, we should do some hanging of the outs soon. You just seem SO BUSY I don't wanna impose.
  • 04:15:19: 550 words of Cruise Control chapter 7 written... and all I want to do is write shitty Merlin epics. BRAIN DISEASE, OBVY.
  • 04:15:50: idk that I could even start such a venture, since I can't resolve the anachronisms and would have to research armor 'nshit.
  • 04:18:21: RT @anamanaguchi: http://www.presentcat.com/
  • 04:40:11: "I was fighting a bear in Canada. I was on the verge of death and looked him straight in the eye, and the..." http://tumblr.com/xpapi83bc
  • 06:31:05: is "kawhoosh" really the accepted technical term for the thing the stargate does? Oh, SG fandom, ILU.
  • 10:38:52: @diplobrat whateeeeever I don't know WHAT you're talking about >_>
  • 11:01:50: Photo: The things you find in random image searches. Love this one the best because it’s got both Wesley’s... http://tumblr.com/xpapjgtzt
  • 14:22:48: @diplobrat what the poop is this? culture? wine? PREPOSTEROUS. I'll try to come for the dogs.

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