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From Twitter 11-09-2010

  • 00:16:09: @saturdayclub I have very specific objections to whilst in the cases to which I am cryptically referring, and also I AM RIGHT NYAH NYAH
  • 00:17:31: srsly I don't care if you say whilst once in a while but if you're using it in the wrong TENSE & the wrong FORMALITY in anachronism-ridden
  • 00:19:35: ye olde Merlin fanfic to make your crap sound Mo Fancy, you're WRONG & ought to be FLOGGED. Internal consistency is all I ask for, here!
  • 00:20:10: And, BTW, nobles only called each other "thou" to be INSULTING, you call someone thou BELOW your station, ugh.
  • 00:21:29: I'm just gonna go cry myself to sleep now if nobody minds, having mad fever dreams about swa-swa and surcoats
  • 06:23:34: what the freaking hell
  • 17:01:48: Photo: Dunno why but I LOVE this guy in ANYTHING he’s in. Is it the pointy chin? The floppy hair? The innate... http://tumblr.com/xpapa9v96
  • 20:05:47: @twiggymcbones Is that who he is? Well okay then, I LOVE MACKENZIE CROOK and also his name has many extraneous letters!
  • 20:06:27: today has been one disaster after another. First all there was to eat the whole day was an apple. singular.
  • 20:06:55: Then, I finally manage to get some braincells to rub together and we decide on fajitas, but I had to go buy fajita stuff, but then
  • 20:07:21: there was no faita SAUCE at the store. And I'm wracked with hunger, in the grocery store, trying to remember what's in fajitas, surrounded
  • 20:07:56: by TANTALIZING food but I had to be GOOD so I eventually escaped the store with stuff but THEN the CHICKEN had gone BAD
  • 20:08:21: So after narrowly avoiding rubbing SALMONELLA ALL OVER MY KITCHEN I had to go BACK to the store, STILL STARVING
  • 20:10:25: Where the grocery store manager who is Too Young I Daresay nearly ran me over w/ a cart cuz I'd already BEEN there so I mustve been a mirage
  • 20:11:27: After getting doubletakes from ALL the grocery store employees I made it back home where I BROKE CROCKERY WITH A PAPER TOWEL DISPENSER
  • 20:11:52: And had to keep the cat from EATING SHARDS OF POTTERY and then JUST NOW I nearly set the KITCHEN ON FIRE
  • 20:12:30: Because I was letting the oil heat up really hot for the veggies but then I needed to RANT on TWITTER so it started SMOKING
  • 21:49:56: Photo: kodachrome-kodachrome: omg I love her crazy face so much http://tumblr.com/xpapbqr44
  • 21:51:08: I ate fajitas and kinda took a little nap and I guess I'm better now...

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