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From Twitter 11-08-2010

  • 01:28:21: Do people honestly think that they had tea in CAMELOT??? come ON. 6th century trade routes? All the tea was only getting to Rome, this is so
  • 01:28:53: STUPID. If you're going to be anachronistic, do it ALL OF THE TIME, not only when it SUITS you
  • 01:32:54: it's like this whole fandom is full of anglophiles who refuse to learn back past through the 18th C.
  • 01:45:10: Photo: gaila: http://tumblr.com/xpap1r96e
  • 03:16:37: maybe it's that these writers are *actually* british and being so they cannot conceive of an england with no tea?
  • 09:19:57: Photo: lazycheskie: Troublingly enough, I’m not sufficiently psyched! I ought to be enduring ten days of... http://tumblr.com/xpap2yxy5
  • 09:36:06: apparently I only needed four hours of sleep???
  • 10:04:40: @diplobrat what ho! pip pip! cheers mate! blimey! rubbish!
  • 11:09:30: @panasonicyouth be careful Mark. You might come off as encouraging a pile-on all over this unsuspecting person's LJ...
  • 11:12:09: desire for Korean food is SUPER INTENSE. Why do I always want it in the mornings?!?!
  • 14:02:56: YEEESSS, I have 1111 favorites on Metafilter. NOBODY EVER FAVORITE ME AGAIN, AND ALSO DON'T UNFAVORITE ME OKAY
  • 15:28:24: I'm not allowed to get pissy about the term "genderfuck" in fandom and how more often than not it's actually genitalia-switch right?
  • 15:30:14: or maybe I am allowed? Maybe if nobody finds out I'm cisgendered... quick, somebody start a rumor about how I used to be a man!
  • 15:41:51: Photo: That’s right, Harry. Sacrificial self-aware lamb, Harry. It doesn’t hurt to die, Harry! Am I allowed... http://tumblr.com/xpap4gs96
  • 16:43:20: I most fervently wish that the word "mewling" could be wholesale ERADICATED FROM THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
  • 17:09:56: Photo: paramaline: ANBO-JITSU: MOMMA SAID Q-TIPS WERE DANGEROUS BUT I NEVER QUITE REALIZED WHY UNTIL NOW... http://tumblr.com/xpap4xkk8
  • 17:35:29: Photo: screwrocknroll: that comes from this EPIC lj icon: And is my secret tag for all deathly hallows... http://tumblr.com/xpap52hwl
  • 18:09:18: Photo: lamamama: I did this for a very long time, until people started like, talking about me behind my back,... http://tumblr.com/xpap59808
  • 19:18:02: woman, i rue the day you learned how to email.
  • 19:18:47: @twiggymcbones you should stop paying your water bill and just rent an outhouse to share among your community!
  • 19:19:03: ...maybe I've been living in hippieville for too long.
  • 19:55:46: @twiggymcbones whaaaat? SWEET DEAL. never move!
  • 20:41:48: I don't know why I'm having such urges to play the Kingdom Hearts games but I am resisting these urges with all my might!
  • 21:38:32: Photo: paramaline: “During his research, Snow had amassed an archive of information about the various... http://tumblr.com/xpap6d86r
  • 23:59:20: furthermore, a pox against the vile non-word "whilst", while we're removing "mewling" and "alot" from our vernaculars.

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