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From Twitter 11-07-2010

  • 00:10:15: never scroll through the resource stock photos on DevArt with the search term "raven". SO MUCH BAD GOTH. aaaaugh
  • 02:35:57: @aergonaut what the shit is this some kind of fucking quote bullshit?
  • 03:31:49: @aergonaut Philosophical Chris needs to STFU and go read Proust or something. Protip: if your tweets resemble FB status updates, try again.
  • 03:32:33: just because the writing is intensely florid does NOT mean it's GOOD holy CRAP stop reccing BAD FIC.
  • 03:32:53: aaaaargh i'm so GRUMPY GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP
  • 03:35:38: You used "twain" incorrectly in the 2nd sentence. TWAIN. This fandom is RIFE with crap. REDOLENT with stinkers. oh god must stop ranting
  • 05:19:38: PROTIP: Neigh != Nay. If you're trying to write with a ye olde tone at LEAST check your homophones.
  • 09:10:56: @diplobrat the only people requiring stimulants so early on the lord's day are SINNERS and don't deserve coffee.
  • 18:09:52: strongly suspect that I may never see the sun again.
  • 23:31:34: Yay my grandma isn't dead!

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