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From Twitter 11-03-2010

  • 00:22:54: RT @aergonaut: Dear all photographers: Stop making Flash-based portfolios. HTML and CSS can do everything you want and give you a much c ...
  • 00:24:02: holy fucking god. too much fucking polititweets. STFU. Oh, wait. *unfollows*
  • 05:15:30: Photo: Am I crazy or is the most recent Cat and Girl secretly about Tumblr? http://tumblr.com/xpaobc5ub
  • 05:26:38: Photo: MUST PURCHASE AND PUT IN MY FACE. Is it worth it to import pumpkin pocky? I had some about 6 years ago... http://tumblr.com/xpaobd9s1
  • 05:54:10: @saturdayclub I don't blame you. My thing is more like, dad's republican, mom's family is too, born in TX, UGH why can't I be Swedish?
  • 08:05:32: Dear Merlin FX people, It's been a DECADE since Hercules Legendary Journeys came out. WHY are your monster battles LESS convincing??
  • 08:41:38: has there EVER been a version of Lancelot who isn't an eternal douche?? Other than Ron Weasley, that is.
  • 09:57:53: I don't care WHAT period of non-time Merlin's supposed to be in. They did NOT have tomatoes during Camelot.
  • 09:58:49: Seriously, I understand that this is essentially a transdimensional AU, and all anachronisms are rendered moot, but why go HALFway?
  • 09:59:31: Make everyone genderswapped and on a different planet with apostrophes in their names, riding ostriches instead of horses! M'rleen, Art'ura
  • 10:00:55: Not oops, we don't know what a GRYPHON is, yet we know about brain hemoragges, say "okay", wear chinese silks, blatantly aluminum armor...
  • 10:02:40: ...dunno why tomatoes set me off. Suppose it's cuz they're a vested interest of mine. Symbolism! tomato pincushions are to ward off evil!
  • 18:00:08: Photo: STORY TIME: My BFF has the anxieties, which sucks, but he’s been gettin’ bettah. When we first moved... http://tumblr.com/xpaoe91rg
  • 19:28:52: DOCTOR BASHIR, wtf are you doing in an episode of Merlin? This isn't the holodeck! Get back to your shift!
  • 19:47:44: @diplobrat that's good luck! Just think, that pigeon coulda crapped on any ol' surface, but it CHOSE you! Obvious next step: Lottery Tickets
  • 22:58:38: Audio: strobe-lights: http://tumblr.com/xpaofll1e
  • 23:10:15: and YET Merlin has period-authentic salt cellars?? who the hell is the prop master for this travesty of contradiction??
  • 23:57:24: my attention span appears to be almost exactly 8minutes, 25 seconds. READ MORE BOOKS, SELF

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