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(3:29) Sarah Pinansky: murr
the cat woke me up by
digging through my trashcan
chewing on crunchy plastic
and meowing simultaneously
(3:31) Ian Urbina: god
(3:32) Sarah Pinansky: at 2pm
but still
i feel like shit
and i had the COOLEST DREAM
i dreamt that
our subscription to Netflix allowed me to open our porch sliding door
(the one in my parents' house in virginia, clearly, not the one we have here)
and it opened up on occasionally random, worldwide locations
that i could just wander into
and sometimes they were other times as well as places
so once
it opened up somewhere in like, sweden?
you know
and you and I went to an awkward party, like a bar mitzvah style thing, only not jewish
and you, or maybe it was my brother sam and maybe i was younger cuz this was at the parents' house, idk, ended up talking to some guy at our table who had deigned the very same creaky temporary party chairs that we were sitting in
and while I ate some kind of pickled fish
everyone gathered around to watch a video about how all the countries in europe fit into the state of texas
and i was like
i'm from texas
and everyone got kinda mad at me
and were like
where the fuck did you come from, why are you crashing our swedish coming of age party
so we hightailed it out of there
with assistance from...
who is apparently some dude in sweet armor with shoulderlength white hair and a beardly beard and a new zealand accent, so CLEARLY a Hercules/Xena ripoff
he headed off the angry swedish suit and bowtie horde for us while we got back in through the sliding porch door
and then another time
the CAT got out into some weird tropical place
which was full of reeds, bamboo maybe
and these little black birds that were kind of like a kiwi/raven crossbreed
and some hot adventurey type of guy was catching them, running them through on sticks, and plucking them
and the cat had run off to catch one
and so I went through to rescue the cat
but she was pretty much gone
so i hung out with the hot dude
and figured out that I was in somewhere call Kookaburra
which was CLEARLY not a real place but like some sort of manufactured island nation
we left the backyard of the guy's house and the lush, tropical bamboo reeds quickly gave way to a desert metropolis
with shiny, futuristic buildings and "innovative" green architectural experiments
like some sort of giant cartoonish futuristic vine that somehow desalinated rainwater for the city?
and the Space Needle was there, shimmering along the sandy horizon
and as we walked down the road the cat showed up
so I scooped her up and kept exploring this weird city of not actually Kookabura
and eventually a sandstorm came and I was gone and the cat was gone and the hot guy was gone and so was the city and it was just a giant flat expanse of sand
and somebody was riding a horse
along the dunes
and there was this enormous, ghostly, transparent sandworm/pirate ship that was following the horserider
so PHERUS, King of Dreams, talked to me, even though I wasn't there
he was riding on a horse behind the sandworm pirate ship and asked me, should he go ride up close to the other guy, and warn him that this monster o the sand would overtake him soon?
I said, yes! of course he should!
so he galloped on his grey horse up to this man
and tried to warn him but then the *man* was turning transparent
and the sandworm ship was turning solid
so Pherus and the dude hitched a ride on it
and then I woke up to the cat digging through my trashcan
(3:45) Ian Urbina: sounds fun
(3:45) Sarah Pinansky: stupid cat


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Oct. 26th, 2010 12:15 am (UTC)
where the fuck did you come from, why are you crashing our swedish coming of age party

story of my life.
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