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From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 10:22:35: Photo: bisexualfury: THE TINIEST HANDS~ http://tumblr.com/xpamlztpk
  • 11:22:24: MOIST and LACKING SASSINESS.
  • 11:23:34: if all goes well today, I will soon be the owner of a PURPLE PLAID BRA that FITS ME.
  • 11:41:52: boooooo they don't have it in my size BOOOO I TOLD THEM TO PUT IT ON HOLD MEGABOO~
  • 11:42:14: the only solution is to drown my sorrows in exciting veggie sammiches.
  • 18:42:21: contemplating drowning my sorrows in coffee ice cream and bollywood movies. But there's a catch!
  • 18:43:00: If I spend the next ~3 hours watching stuff in Hindi, will I lose what little Japanese I remember and not be quite so good at editing??

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