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From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 00:00:37: I! am going to weigh myself on wii fit for the first time in MONTHS. I think I've gained like 10 pounds. OH GOD WISH ME LUCK
  • 01:25:41: astoundingly, I weigh pretty much the same as I did months ago: a teeny bit less than 140lbs. :/ Scully the enormous cat is ALSO still 15lbs
  • 01:26:12: I don't believe scully is only 15lbs btw. she's got to be more like 18. no cat this huge can be that light.
  • 02:03:05: @aergonaut rubber gloves, a bucket, a lot of dr bronner's magical peppermint soap, somebody with a flashlight. you're such a wuss.
  • 02:03:40: I am hungry but stupid wii fit informed me that I worked off enough calories for only a SLICE OF CHEESE. I was goin for a flan. LAZY.
  • 02:36:49: Photo: No pressure. http://tumblr.com/xpalp8arj
  • 02:47:23: @aergonaut *patpat* if I were there in person I would... er... hold the flashlight for you? *charming grin*
  • 02:57:25: fukuwija: This show is pleasing me so far. I hope one of the characters becomes at least minimally likeable... http://tumblr.com/xpalp9q57
  • 03:46:45: it's that time of night again... I'm hungry but if I eat I'll never fall asleep but can I fall asleep on an empty stomach anyway?!??!!?
  • 10:20:03: Photo: *way impressed* http://tumblr.com/xpalqb56f
  • 10:26:55: I would like officially to say that I hate all of the things.

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