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From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 01:39:00: This closet redo is NEVER GOING TO END. My back hurts! FROM FOLDING CLOTHES. -_-
  • 01:42:52: god I wish I had an art studio. Life would be so so SO much better in nine thousand different ways and I'm not just saying that
  • 15:06:55: hnnnnng, 2 more favorites until an even, round, one more digit ONE THOUSAND on metafilter. Must. Be. Witty.
  • 15:54:34: are you on LJ? are you russian? are there slutty women on your top entry? did you friend me? I AM REPORTING YOU AS A BOT. GTFO.
  • 16:00:45: John Cleese is all up in Fable III??? PLEASE, HAVE SOME MORE OF MY NON-EXISTANT MONEY, WHY DONT YOU.
  • 16:01:37: do I have an emphatic point I'd like to make which I first define with a question? THEN I WILL FINISH IT WITH ALL CAPS FULL STOP.
  • 18:10:49: fuck yeah! one thousand favorites on metafilter!!! Thank you, dormouse! *has irrelevant party*
  • 18:11:15: I shall celebrate by... checking my email! And also... eating more edemame!
  • 18:45:47: Photo: Someone insulted my Wheezy on MRHP. I had a chance to use this gif! Nobody insults my Ron Wheezy. http://tumblr.com/xpaljncl3
  • 21:03:47: blah, 100 pages to go and then approx 10 pages of legal pad notation to transcribe... Will I get it done by Nippon-time?!? tune in next week
  • 22:02:17: Glee was my sanity break from high-fantasy nitpicking, but Glee made me take a sanity break from *it*. What IS this fuckery???
  • 22:26:36: acciomeilany: This tumblr thing has all been worth it~~~ http://tumblr.com/xpalkg5y8
  • 23:57:00: Photo: So, I’ve been listening to bossa nova while reading this thing for work, and I finished (yay!) and... http://tumblr.com/xpalkobnr

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