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From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 01:36:21: @twiggymcbones if it had gone ALL the way towards gore and boobies it wouldn't have been nearly as funny, though.
  • 01:36:38: @aergonaut gweh???
  • 01:45:10: @aergonaut BLAST FROM THE PAST I just searched tumblr by tag for "seddie" and now I have all these ~EMOTIONS~
  • 01:46:01: @aergonaut y you do this to me?? I'm going to have to watch this past season's episodes god dammit I DONT CARE ABOUT CARLY'S ROOM ARGH
  • 01:54:27: @aergonaut maaaaan screw you now I'm watching iBeat the Heat. I WAS GONNA WATCH HOUSE. alllll your fault.
  • 02:33:17: Photo: So, um, guys? You know I basically stopped watching and caring about iCarly a while ago and stuff…... http://tumblr.com/xpakevlrz
  • 03:42:22: ok watched most of the icarly i've missed. I remain underwhelmed. epaulets!Freddie was like something out of a 2009 dream of mine, but, ehn.
  • 03:43:02: it would just be such a better show if there was approx 50% less Carly...
  • 13:55:00: Photo: comeonvogue: rebloggin for Tristyn. http://tumblr.com/xpakgvc9r
  • 16:30:09: Video: Despite all adolescent protests to the contrary, sometimes I do wish that I could dance. http://tumblr.com/xpakhgqts
  • 16:37:44: Video: More sweetsauce Lindy Hop! [via] http://tumblr.com/xpakhht5j
  • 16:39:23: @twiggymcbones <3
  • 16:43:47: Audio: suicideblonde: One of my most favorite songs of all time! OF ALL TIME. I spent half a semester... http://tumblr.com/xpakhioty
  • 17:11:59: Dear Readers - This is just a little bit of a housekeeping post, to be linked at the top of my tumblr just in... http://tumblr.com/xpakhmrk4
  • 17:38:51: Photo: lamamama: OH SNAP. Okay now I’m going SRS BSNS - This is not bestiality! And btw it’s spelled... http://tumblr.com/xpakhqnh9
  • 18:08:46: Photo: Reading chapter 4 of Deathly Hallows for MRHP. This chapter is THE most upsetting one of the WHOLE... http://tumblr.com/xpakhv94i
  • 18:42:00: Photo: › I won’t let you die. Favorite non-Lwaxana episode??? Yes probably. Love how they actually let WilW... http://tumblr.com/xpaki06sj
  • 19:21:35: Kate crying over mascarpone toast from Leopold is the sweetest thing. There goes the next hour of my life. I can't NOT watch this movie.
  • 19:29:14: Fresh, creamery butter. fresh. creamery. butter. FRESH. CREAMERY. BUTTER. FRESH!! CREAMERY!!!! BUTTER!!!!!~~~~ this tastes like saddle soap.
  • 20:16:59: what is it about babies that encourages people to use multiple exclamation points unironically?

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