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From Twitter 09-25-2010

  • 05:09:51: I hope tomorrow involves some kind of sausages.
  • 05:28:54: Photo: lamamama: Yay! I can use one of my favorite tags! Also, he’s wearing a top that my grandma would call... http://tumblr.com/xpajl92pl
  • 06:44:21: SHINING TIME STATION. omg. why is it always around 7am when I have these brainwaves???
  • 06:50:28: now, why the hell was I trying to remember Shining Time Station in the first place???
  • 08:14:11: @panasonicyouth hey you want me to make you a new header for DH? We could *discuss* on AIM (zee mizu) any time!
  • 19:39:00: @panasonicyouth lol i missed you I guess? email me - mizufae at gmail. :)

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