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From Twitter 09-24-2010

  • 02:47:43: @lazycheskie no I think it was more like the confrontation portion of an episode of Cheaters.
  • 05:00:52: @TimmyMojo HP Movie RatingRoundup: CoS:2/5 PoA:4/5 GoF:3/5 OotP:4.5/5 HBP:4/5 yeah they got better.
  • 05:01:27: @coollike holy freaking crap MY WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.
  • 07:02:05: 7am Sunrise. Everything's this shell pink over the Aurora bridge. Coffee brewing from the store downstairs wafting into the window. Seagull.
  • 07:02:28: I'm crepuscular, btw.
  • 07:14:31: Video: Featuring the only song by The Cure that I unironically enjoy! http://tumblr.com/xpajhxfqu
  • 08:55:28: just finished rereading the tail-end of HBP for MRHP. What are these MONSOONS doing ON MY FACE?
  • 21:34:24: I'm full of pho, so why do I just want to take the half full spraycan of whipped cream in my fridge and put it in my mouth??

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