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From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 00:20:48: @diplobrat hey are you still prepared for PLUM KUCHEN and EVENING TEATIME tomorrow night?
  • 07:07:48: India conquers the world through diplomacy, peace, prosperity, and ELEPHANTS ALL UP IN YO FACE! #civV
  • 08:10:57: sometimes i disgust myself with how domestic I am. I just put a plum kuchen in the oven, now I have to fold laundry, & later it's mopping.
  • 08:23:43: Netflix is reccing Spice World to me cuz it has "Strong Female Leads", is "British" & a "Comedy". A case of parts not adding up to a whole.
  • 08:31:31: screw chores, I wanna watch a Bollywood movie. WHY DON'T I KNOW HINDI SO I CAN SKIP SUBTITLES GOD.
  • 09:47:55: dear translators, "bullshit" with a heavy mumbai accent does not reeeally translate to "hogwash" and I'm definitely gonna notice.
  • 11:07:53: @diplobrat I baked you a plum kuchen so YOU BEST BE HONGRAY. what time? is 7:30 too early? I'll be on the bus, so, don't wanna be too late.
  • 11:08:43: also, only Bollywood can get away with a cheerful hug suddenly transitioning into slo-mo sexytime music.
  • 11:43:30: @diplobrat not sure! prolly not? We'll see.
  • 13:07:55: I really hate my uterus right now. - omg high fives for tumblr synchronization! http://tumblr.com/xpajf7fma
  • 21:44:40: I survived the harrowing bus ride home, despite the EPIC GIRLFIGHT happening across from the stop.

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