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From Twitter 09-19-2010

  • 00:11:39: tonight I was sociable. now my throat hurts. but! I spent approx 4 hours in the company of a BABY CORGI OMGOMGOMGOMG
  • 00:31:28: Don't you know who we are? WE'RE CHEN AND RONJON. Yeaaaahh. #avatar
  • 00:35:09: holy shit I could just watch this episode on loop forever. You're outfit is so sharp, Chen! We are the perfect punctual party guests!
  • 00:48:13: I'M ANGRIER THAN EVER AND I DONT KNOW WHY! I'm... I'm angry at myself!!!!!!!!! XDXDXD
  • 00:49:17: okay I'll stop spamming now. But seriously, The Beach is the best episode ever.
  • 02:53:25: note to self - sectumsempra desktop w/ cursive blood scrapes, slytherin ver. & gryff ver. (freckles)
  • 03:40:36: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is freakin META, y'alls.
  • 05:42:27: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi FIVE STARS ***** irrepressibly charming! intelligent yet fun! acting perfectly on pitch! ADORABLE! booty shaking! tears!
  • 05:45:14: I also learned what golgappa are and now I want to eat ALL OF THEM FOREVER. mostly though, it got "i've got a golden ticket" out of my head.
  • 05:51:23: also also, the haters on netflix who are panning this flick in reviews have clearly no idea what movies are for. (hint: entertainment)
  • 05:59:21: @diplobrat the stupid twitter sidebar keeps telling me to follow YOUR DAD. D:
  • 18:53:10: I have Harry Potter hair. I doubt even a wet comb and a Mrs Weasley could get it to lay flat.
  • 19:06:06: Photo: edibledarkmark: I’m aware that my longtime crush on Chandler is really just narcissism, but this... http://tumblr.com/xpaj2ro02
  • 23:45:27: My cowlick goes clockwise! What! This goes against everything I've ever known about myself.

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