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From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • 00:19:13: why did I have to listen to Cat Stevens after I dumped my college BF? Now this song just makes me sad :(
  • 01:09:59: ........... my pie crust has shrunk considerably! :O oh god I hope this turns out okay....
  • 02:13:58: The pie is.... I hope it's okay. I'll find out tomorrow!
  • 03:03:30: Photo: So, THIS is amazing. What? Me? Long-standing crush on a fictional 17 year old cartoon character?... http://tumblr.com/xpaiw7e2b
  • 04:24:39: I can hear Ian snoring through his fan, through his window, around the corner, through my window. -_-; ROLL OVER MY GOOD MAN.
  • 04:36:21: you know what is terrible? All Tokka fic. seriously, I ship it like burning but there is not ONE good Tokka fic in ALL OF EXISTENCE.
  • 04:37:19: Urges to rectify this problem will have to wait until nicktoons has cycled around in its A:TLA screenings cuz I'm a stickler for canon.
  • 05:35:03: turns out netflix has all of AtLA on instant! Hurrah! Katara is a BIG BABY CRYCRYFACE. Alas!
  • 14:11:51: dear face: would you please mind not spontaneously turning into an oil slick for no good reason? I moisturized you! I did!
  • 16:17:58: MY HAIR IS GONE
  • 16:25:17: Photo: I just chopped off all my hair! Crappy photobooth pictureshoot! HAND ON FACE POSE http://tumblr.com/xpaiybt9w
  • 17:27:22: @diplobrat I can't wait to see YOUR FACE!!!!!1 ...er.. yeah.
  • 17:27:50: oh, guess I should change my twitter profile pic thing. ummmm it may be time for GIRAFFE.

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