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From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 00:48:57: @twiggymcbones YOU OLD, FOOL! SO OOOOOOOOOOOOOLD
  • 00:49:48: 10 things i hate about you is on tv. it just got to the "i love you bay-bay!" scene. SORRY COUCH BUT I HAVE TO SIT ON YOU FOR TWO HOURS.
  • 04:02:32: Snicker snack with my vorpal sword of wit! People are wrong on the internet? I'M SO THERE.
  • 05:49:40: sudden dawnlight cravings for steamed red bean buns! self, I know you're nocturnal, but at least be reasonable about things.
  • 19:10:58: Photo: hehehehehehe so awkward http://tumblr.com/xpaiv329u
  • 19:46:49: criminy, I'm trying to watch freaks & geeks but the 2nd hand embarrassment is SO BAD I can't staaaaaand it
  • 21:43:45: Photo: DOLMAS GIVE ME POWERRRRRRRRR http://tumblr.com/xpaivjx4r
  • 23:38:26: so hey is there a reason why we haven't seen a 3 Wolf Moon tshirt with Taylor Lautner's face 3 times on it yet??

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