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From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 00:00:45: @twiggymcbones or, like, people can wear shirts w/ Che on them & I can think they are kinda dumb, but those shirts shouldn't be ILLEGULZ.
  • 00:12:48: @twiggymcbones it's a super complex issue but for *me*, it boils down to choice. EVERYONE should be able to choose how to clothe themselves.
  • 00:13:39: @twiggymcbones So taking *away* a choice, that's bad. Instead we should be able to use societal pressure to encourage better choices. (cont)
  • 00:14:11: @twiggymcbones Unfortunately, life is a lot more complicated than that, but *forcing* this into *law* is not a good way to cut corners, IMO.
  • 00:14:49: also goddamn I need me some tea. SWEET SWEET TANNINS.
  • 00:29:59: poutface. No references to doctor who on the tannins page of wikipedia. what, no "tannins in popular culture" section?? I AM DISSAPPOINT.
  • 01:12:08: @twiggymcbones twitter is no place for intelligent discourse! HURF DERF FAMOUS PEOPLE #HASHTAGS
  • 06:11:52: @badmachinery I would like a tote bag that specifies to other shoppers why my (your) tote is superior to theirs. Smug organic bastards.
  • 07:49:45: dear tumblr person who just started to followed me - your tumblr is 100% hipster graphics. You should be ashamed.
  • 08:55:47: @diplobrat imma take away YOUR right to have a face >:[ *illogical morning hostility*
  • 10:35:54: @panasonicyouth how the HELL do you read fandom wiki without spoiling yourself???
  • 10:58:23: @panasonicyouth Well thank goodness for that! I was v. worried for a split second there. Fandomwiki is RIFE with random HP references.
  • 21:30:12: tomato avocado and sprout sandwich on rye, you are my only vegetably friend in these times of need.

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