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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 01:24:23: @twiggymcbones I'm goin' shoppin' tomorrow. You want anything ridiculous for your BIRFDAY? I'm thinkin star shaped sunglasses.
  • 01:44:42: my apartment smells like beef stew. because I am making beef stew! :D :D :D like 80% of the appeal is the home smell, I tell you what.
  • 03:01:16: plotbunny: Vernon Dursley loves and sells drills. Simon's drill pierces the heavens. GO CROSSOVER GO
  • 08:16:12: Tokka!fic BEST LINE EVER "Three years ago, Suki was eaten whole by sharks and died. Crazy, you think, but it's true. I was truly depressed."
  • 08:54:06: @diplobrat idk wanna come? Ian accidentally got a car from noon today till FOUR PM WED.!!! oooops. Zipcar is weird.
  • 08:54:52: @twiggymcbones omgawd drunk girls are the worst. I will get you a mug with a NAKED LADY maybe. Or fruit. Hrmmmm...
  • 09:56:33: Owl in a Jayne Hat: http://tumblr.com/xpaijqtpn
  • 17:49:19: Ian's gonna buy rachel a plate of RAW MEAT YAY
  • 22:22:54: I am so full of korean bbq i might die.
  • 23:35:28: I think I'm gonna chop my hair off super short again. I need PICSPIRATION.
  • 23:59:11: @twiggymcbones the whole burqa thing though, what if people told you that you HAD to wear a SKIRT and NO PANTS EVER?

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