Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 02:19:43: i will not start an HP ficrec tumblr i will NOT i will NOT NOT NOT NEVER *willpower*
  • 03:14:24: snarry should be illegal. it is what crack aspires to be. i should shut up now.
  • 03:38:07: @badmachinery not change! noooooo~ everyone is going to get six fingers on each hand! D:
  • 04:04:55: my hair is too long.
  • 05:39:42: Photo: paramaline: noooooooo you spoiled me!!!!!!! (trufax: I’ve never read Dune, and I’ve only watched the... http://tumblr.com/xpai53g51
  • 06:02:11: @badmachinery my brother is a pro translator living in tokyo. He says: のどの渇いた literally it's "my throat is dry"
  • 06:04:31: @badmachinery wait correction! のどが渇いた "nodo ga kawaita" which is the plain friend to friend form. Quarkboysam on AIM for deets!
  • 18:13:00: ugh my brain is SO nonfunctional today. Food? Sleep? WHO NEEDS THAT. MIZU IS IN A TRANCE.
  • 18:34:13: kitty is on my lap and she is not moving. SLOW NEWS DAY FOLKS

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