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From Twitter 09-08-2010

  • 01:58:49: Bath and Harry Potter Time!!!!!!
  • 01:59:30: @diplobrat We could go to, like.... Portland one of these days! On the train or something? See a show maybe?
  • 05:33:52: totes in the mood for christmas, wtf. I'm not even christian, I don't even celebrate that crap. note to self: smell a pine tree tomorrow.
  • 16:54:36: today I meet people from the internet to talk about somebody ELSE who is reading harry potter. whaaaaaaat is my life
  • 18:25:27: @panasonicyouth I'm listening to @anamanaguchi and Elvis Costello. This hasn't changed for approx 1 year but it's STILL GOOD.
  • 18:26:25: GOTTA GO BE EARLY TO MEET MRHP PEOPLE. @panasonicyouth - your other fans better be cool, man. THIS IS YOUR FAULT.
  • 18:43:21: MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!!111
  • 23:07:30: @twiggymcbones Hey Tristyn do you forgive me for any sins I may have committed against you this year???

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