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It is SO EASY to import your entire journal (and mine is almost a DECADE old) to dreamwidth! It takes like three minutes, TOPS. So. I'm over here now. Since my LJ account is a permanent one, and I'm still using Scrapbook, and the communities are still on LJ, and I haven't used LJ as an actual blog in FOREVER it feels like, AND I'll be auto-crossposting my stuff to my LJ for now, it will be outwardly like nothing has changed.

However, for the first time in over six years, my homepage is going to be different.

Guys, I'm not sure that I can handle this.

Eventually I'm going to lock down my LJ completely and make every entry 100% private except for my top post. We'll see how dreamwidth works out for me. Maybe I'll start writing again? Who knows. All I know for now is that my new homepage is incredibly lavender. I'm going to have to work on that.

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