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BTW I have a dreamwidth now:

I have no idea if I'll use it or not, but if you have a DW you can friend me if it pleases you to do so.

I would jump LJ's ship entirely except for one thing: Scrapbook. I have thousands of pictures hosted on there. I use it constantly, I use it to host stuff that goes on my tumblr, random blog comments, forums, everywhere. I love Scrapbook and even though the code is the gunkiest piece of junk out there it suits me just fine. I love how austere it is and I love my scrapbook's obsessively deep folder system. I have no clue if DW has anything similar, and even if it does, I got my scrapbook with my permanent account here. I really do not want to start paying for a journal account when it's clear that I don't use it for the journaling capacities at all.

So anyway, yeah. :/

Please ignore the brazen advertising for FB and twitter all over my LJ now. I did not ask for it, and in fact, paid hundreds to explicitly remove the future possibility of advertising being on my LJ entirely. Please, even though my entries are usually public, I would appreciate you not crossposting things to facebook. I do not like the idea of providing facebook with content. Remember, folks, we are NOT the customer. We are the *product* that creates content which they sell to their customers, the *advertisers*. LJ is the same way, of course, but at least for a while it gave the appearance of something slightly less sinister.